The Kibo Code Quantum Review 2021


In the next few minutes, we’re going to give you a sneak-peak at a system that involves selling products online, but not in a way that you would have likely seen before. It’s simple, fast, and effective — and we firmly believe that it is possible to achieve incredible results using it… in a very short amount of time. Most importantly, it does not involve any of the intense frustration and drawbacks that you may have experienced before. Over the past 12 months, our most motivated and diligent students have used this breathtakingly simple system to produce a life-changing result and while these results are exceptional, we are confident that you could achieve them too if you carefully follow our instructions (regardless of your age, experience and no matter where you live in the world).



If you don’t know already, I’m Aidan Booth, and my business partner is Steven Clayton. Steve has been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate job in 2003. He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K each month. He then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is still at the core of our business today. For me, I started in 2006 with the idea of building a small income stream that would allow me to be geographically independent. I knew that I’d never been able to be completely free if I was tied down to a day job in my native New Zealand, so I set about finding a way to make more money. 


What is Kibo Code?

Kibo Code Quantum is an 8-week training program designed to help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs build their online businesses and generate effective income streams. This is one of the simplest, simplest, and most profitable business models. It shows you how to make money from different sources of traffic. Offers potential opportunities to help users overcome the challenges of starting an e-business.

It was created by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, popular in digital marketing and e-commerce. The previous version of the program that they developed turned out to be a success and they both spent more effort, money, and time creating something unique.

The previous version of the program was designed to help aspiring digital entrepreneurs to build a successful and profitable online business model. In simple terms, the training should teach users how to make money using online business models using simple methods. It offers the user different and unique ways to attract potential traffic.

The success of the first program has revived hundreds and thousands of aspiring online entrepreneurs. According to the creators, the latest version of the program is more of an “update” to the original program than a “reboot” or “reboot.” According to them, the success of the first version inspired them and helped to identify and eliminate the pitfalls, and with the new version of the program again.



The course provides users with expertise in the e-commerce market. It also features special classes from creators Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth on the show. The course structure is expected to be similar to the original curriculum and look like this:

First, you need to acquire a relevant general area with the software provided by the program.
The next step is to create an e-store with the name of the new buyer. The warehouse can be customized using pre-installed business themes.
Now that you’ve set up your business, you need to add the products you want to sell.
After adding articles to your business, you will learn unique techniques for driving instant traffic.
After the sale is complete, the US seller will help you deliver the item to the seller.
Finally, it helps you improve your website by removing unprofitable products and choosing the most profitable ones. This system helps the business to expand.
It takes approximately 2 days to set up the system and follow the steps above. It is a very simple and very easy process.


The program contains 8 weekly exercises. It also provides users with additional training and bonuses. You have special access to the training part of the program. You also get the latest member updates, 24/7 customer support, member-only software, services and equipment, and a resource library.

To break even further:

In the first week, you need to choose a name for your business, search for a domain, and create a logo for your business. It also records the warehouse contact details and pays gap.

The second week you can participate in the Kibo Kickstart and Accountability Program.

You start earning from the third week. Now you will be prompted to install the theme in your store and must sell at least two items to gain experience.

Lesson 4 will teach you how to shop at Microsoft, increase traffic, and improve Google ads.

Week five gives you access to videos that can be used to improve your various devices and find new products for sale.

In the sixth week, you were taught how to update and target Facebook ads.

Lesson seven focuses on email marketing, Wheelio, and Klaviyo.

In the final session, you will be presented with your ROI target and your immediate application strategy.

At the end of the training, anyone can earn a significant income.

It doesn’t end there. Even after the training is completed, the program offers web design support and training, as well as discussions on integration. It covers topics such as content marketing, copywriting, external affairs, content marketing, and more.


Who Are The Creators of The KIBO Code?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the creators of this unique eCommerce marketing system.

Mr. Booth is an expert in online marketing and eCom. His online marketing blog. There he talks about what he has done to achieve results for himself and his clients.

Aidan Booth and Steven C. have been developing some advanced courses each year since 2008 and this year there will be no difference. His most impressive start was the 7-figure cycle in 2018, which was a huge success.

However, there were some critical objections that worried people when they considered purchasing this course, and it STILL had sales of over $ 11 million at launch.

Aidan began his journey on the Internet almost by accident. He quickly moved to Argentina with his wife, although he did not speak Spanish. This was the main reason for his first hands-on experience in digital marketing in 2005.

In 2006, he gained more experience in the digital world and was able to create several basic partner websites and use Google AdWords to drive traffic. Although his work was insignificant, he discovered a new way to earn money.

At one point, he was noticed elsewhere, going from an affiliate site with paid traffic to a mix of e-commerce and affiliate sites to get the most out of Google traffic.


If we fast-forward, his business will have fundamentally changed from what it was a few years ago in 2005. He worked with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton and only owned a third of their company. Clayton started out as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, so he really knew what he was doing with his incredible planning solutions.

Before seeking new partners, he knew the importance of diversifying his business but never had a structured plan on how to proceed. This was the first thing he got better at in his new company and it made a big difference. Read the full story about the authors.

The model compared to previous online courses at the library

Since 2013, A.Booth and S. Clayton have published a series of online courses focused on e-commerce and marketing, much like the KIBO code. Below I will briefly review the classes they have in the library as of 2015.