5 Reasons For Choosing Eco-friendly Jewellery Over Traditional Ones

If you are considering buying jewellery pieces, but you are unsure of what to go for, here are reasons why you need to buy eco-friendly ones.

1.      They are nature friendly

Jewellery plays a crucial role in society. They make a big part of humanity, including such uses as engagement rings and solitaire studs. With time, there has been a rising trend and change of guard from traditional jewellery makers to ethical and eco-friendly jewellery brands. This is because they appreciate the nature-friendly nature of the pieces that they make and the demand the pieces create. If you are wearing them, too, and you are nature-sensitive, you will be sure of promoting its conservation in the process.

2.      They are budget-friendly

Eco-friendly jewellery is affordable and can be made for anyone regardless of pocket power. This allows people who want to look classy and stylish to do so with eco-friendly options without breaking a bank. Their design is usually from recycled elements, which makes the products affordable too.

3.      Numerous designs and varieties

Most eco-friendly pieces come from recycled products. This allows them to take any design and style that the designer desires. The varieties are many, too, whether one is looking for wildlife or sustainable jewellery. With the freedom to take any design and style option, it becomes easier for one to play with many options depending on their tastes and preferences or depending on their clients’ demands.

4.      Every occasion design

Without a doubt, one can also design jewellery pieces for any occasion. This is because they also come in different shapes and designs. Therefore, they can be used for engagement, solitaire studs, or as fundraising jewellery. If one wants to run a cause like for the conservation of endangered wildlife species, they can also talk to wildlife jewellery designers to make pieces for such needs or causes.

5.      Personalization options

Eco-friendly jewellery also allows personalization. This is one of the many reasons why they are popular. A client can opt for engagement rings, anklets, pendants, and other accessories with the personalization of their choice.

The story of Native Bond is a special one since it follows the story of our two founders. Initially, it was only about Charlotte and her jewellery designing prowess and Janelle, who has a background in sustainable fashion.

The world, in recent decades, has been making wider strides in the push for protecting wildlife, the oceans and the planet at large. This is being done across almost all platforms, including industries making stainless steel straws, reusable coffee cups, and eco-friendly jewellery. Here at Native Bond, we have not been left behind, and our cause is only growing much stronger.