Use Weather Forecast To Hack Your Way Into Better Farm Yields

Weather is one of the most important aspects to consider when you own a farm. The difference between a good crop yield and a bad crop yield can all come down to the weather the crops were grown in. Some farmers to this day rely on rainfall to water their fields. Yet, weather is something that we don’t often think about. This may be because we have no control over it so we just focus on enjoying the good weather and protecting our crops during the bad weather. However, this is not how it should be, if you are a farmer who wants to maximise their yield each and every season, both in terms of quantity and quality, you must understand the role of weather in your crop yield. Good or bad weather conditions not only have a short-term effect on your crops but also have a long-term effect on your livelihoods.


So, the question has to be asked - is there a way through which a farmer can know the exact weather status of their specific area? A way that can deliver accurate & precise information in a manner that is relevant to the farmers? If you use our AgriCare app the answer to this question is a big Yes! If you are a farmer looking for accurate and customised weather reports that are designed for your specific area, you should download the AgriCare online app by Digitrac. AgriCare is one of the best agriculture apps that you can download for free. The app offers a range of features including:


●      All the information about Digitrac tractors

●      Tips on how to use various farming tools to make the most out of your farm

●      Advice from certified farm experts

●      Personalised recommendation for your farming needs

●      Farm tagging

●      Mandi prices

●      And of course, the weather forecast


The AgriCare app is one of the best agriculture apps in the market that have helped tons of farmers in yielding better crops for their farms. This app was developed by Digitrac which is an online platform that is also a manufacturer of some of the best tractor models in India. We are a brand trusted by many. We offer a multitude of products and services to our customers everything from a 50 HP tractor, or even a 60 HP tractor. Digitrac also offers a lot of tractor attachments to our consumers so they can upgrade their tractors with ease. We have been in the tractor business for a while now and felt the need for an app that serves as an ecosystem to fulfill all the farming needs of any farmer.


With our AgriCare app, we are urging our farmer community to use weather forecasts to get better crop yields. Our weather forecast feature brings multiple elements of the app together to get you the best possible results. Here’s how it works:


Imagine a scenario where you are a farmer who is just starting out. You know you can get weather forecasts easily by watching the news or using your phone. You can even get the weather forecast that is specified to your area but herein lies the question - what exactly will you do with this information? How will you prepare your crops or soil based on the weather forecast? This is where the Digitrac app steps in! With our Farm Tagging feature, you can tag your farm so experts from Digitrac can tell you the kind of soil, weather, and crops you are dealing with. No matter the weather, the experts at AgriCare give you personalized recommendations and advice on how to prepare your crops & soil for the season to maximise your output. 


You don’t need to fear extreme weather conditions anymore. Just download the free AgriCare app by Digitrac and unlock various experts who will give your professional advice on how to take care of your crops. Join the Digitrac ecosystem today for free!