Read All The Updates About The Top Senior Actors Who Ruled Over The Telugu Cinema

1.Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi is a multi-talented Indian actor, producer, and former politician who has made a name for himself in Telugu movies as well as in Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada films. With over 150 feature films to his credit, he is considered one of the most successful performers in Indian cinema. Chiranjeevi is known for his incredible dancing skills and his ability to pull off intense fight scenes with ease.

Chiranjeevi's ability to master both method acting like Kamal Hassan and charismatic acting like Rajinikanth sets him apart from other Telugu current heroes. He has catered to almost all sections of the Telugu film audience with his movies, which have been box office bonanzas. At one point, he was even paid more than legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. Has been an inspiration to many aspiring actors and filmmakers

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2.Venkatesh: Indian actor Venkatesh is most known for his performances in Telugu movies. He appeared in 72 feature films during the course of his twenty-nine-year career. He has taken on a number of difficult parts in Telugu and a few Hindi movies. He has won six Filmfare Awards for best actor and seven state Nandi awards.
One of the biggest Indian film production company, Suresh Productions, is co-owned by Venkatesh and his brother D. Suresh Babu. As Venkatesh has starred in several of the production's movies, several of which have become box office successes, he is well-known in the public under the name Victory Venkatesh. When it comes to his job, he is highly aggressive. He is also regarded as being highly religious and down to earth. He is one of the top comedic actors in Telugu cinema, and he has also appeared in a number of serious and action films. 
He has gained a lot of female fans as well because to his many romantic and family entertainment films.
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3.Bala Krishna: Nandamuri Balakrishna is a well-known politician and actor in Indian cinema. He started his career at a young age of 14 and has been a prominent figure in Telugu cinema ever since. He is Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao's sixth son.

Balakrishna has acted in numerous films over his four-decade-long career, but some of his most notable works include Narasimha Naidu (2001), Simha (2010), Pandurangadu (2008), and Sri Rama Rajyam (2011). His performances in these films have earned him several awards, including Nandi Awards and the South Indian International Cinema Award for Best Actor.

Balakrishna's dedication, talent, and hard work have made him a beloved figure in Indian cinema, and his contributions to the industry will always be remembered.
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4.Nagarjuna: Nagarjuna Akkineni is a Telugu actor and producer who is well-known throughout the country for his critically praised roles in biographical and historical films. He has received numerous National Awards, Nandi Awards, and Filmfare Awards for his work (South). Nagarjuna, the son of former Tollywood legend Akkineni Nageswara Rao, has had a career spanning more than three decades. Over that time, he has appeared in more than a hundred films and has also produced a number of them. In films like Gitanjali, Ninne Pelladatha , Annamayya , Azad , Santosham , and Oopiri, Nagarjuna has given some of his most memorable performances . In addition to these, he has also acted in a few Bollywood movies.
In 2013, as part of the Delhi Film Festival's celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema, Nagarjuna was chosen to represent the category "Cinema of South India." and He Own's Annapurna Studios it is the one of the biggest Indian film production company, founded in 1976
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