Ford Launches New And Improved "pollen Filter"

The Ford micron Air proTect filter, developed by Freudenberg filter specialists, provides a highly efficient filter that captures everything from pollen particles to allergens, mold spores, and dust particles that can cause anything from allergic reactions to illness if they enter your car.

For many drivers and passengers, pollen allergy is a major challenge. With this affordable but highly effective filter, many Ford owners can now meet a brighter spring and summer. It simply keeps the small particles outside the car's compartment.

The improved system uses several microfibre layers and a particularly active layer with a secret recipe consisting of citric acid, among other things. This provides protection against bacteria and fungal spores, but also dust and pollen. It can capture particles as small as 0.05 microns. This reduces the risk of contamination and infection.

The filter can also destroy viruses such as swine flu (H1N1) in 99.9 percent of cases where it comes into contact with the special active layer. The situation is now too dangerous to test the filter against SARS CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but Ford officials expect it to achieve the same efficiency of 99.9% on this as well.

The new filter is now available from Ford dealers. It can be installed in the ventilation system of Focus, Kuga, Mondeo, S-MAX, and Galaxy.

Customers who want to get the Ford MicronAir proTect filter in their Ford can also do this with Ford's "No Touch service". This ensures that all vehicles that are delivered get the touch surfaces disinfected before being returned and delivered to the customer after service and repairs.

Also, In the current economic and social context, Ford wishes to reassure all employees of dealerships by implementing a series of measures allowing them to continue the delivery of new vehicles but also the repair or maintenance of its vehicle.

"Contactless Delivery" 

In order to allow customers who have ordered a new vehicle from which they must take delivery during the confinement period, Ford has set up a "Contactless delivery" service.

"Contactless Service "

The Ford after-sales network is being gradually reopened, with the aim of reaching 100% of workshops opened. Still, with the aim of minimizing the risk of transmission of the Covid-19, Ford informed its network of dealers on the methods to adopt to resume an after-sales activity "without contact".

Two possibilities are offered to after-sales customers:

1. Drop-off & Contactless Service:  drop off your vehicle in the dealership without any contact, in 100% of the Ford network for 100% of our customers' service needs. 

2. Contactless Collection & Service:  have your vehicle collected from your home or other desired location and then have it repaired or serviced at the dealership.

Before a possible repair, Ford installed the Ford  Video  Check solution in 100% of its network. The mechanic or the customer service representative takes a video of the necessary or future overhaul or repairs and sends it to the customer for validation of the work to be carried out. The entire repair order process is 100% paperless.