How To Check Engine Oil Level Of Your Car?

Checking an engine oil level in the car is important to maintain the life of the vehicle. Today’s modern vehicles mostly come with an engine oil replacement interval of 10,000km or more. It is one of the most important tasks that you can perform in your car before a long trip that involves heavy engine use. Low engine oil level can be dangerous to the internal components of the engine. Sometimes due to unawareness or lack of time you delay checking engine oil and what happens is that you start facing major problems in your car’s engine. In case the damage is serious, you may need to replace your engine. We all know that replacing an engine with a used engine is a better and money-saving option instead of buying new one. You can easily search for used car engines for sale online as well as offline to bring your car back on road without burning your pocket.


Let’s discuss some of the easiest way to check the oil level of your car.


Refer to the owner's manual.


Some manufacturers recommend checking engine oil levels before running your vehicle when oil is cold. However, some manufacturers will suggest you check the oil level just after you have warmed up the engine. As the concept is changing from manufactures to manufactures so you can refer to your owner's manual to find the right way to check the engine oil level in your vehicle.


Use Dipstick.


You can easily find a yellow dipstick in your car to check the engine oil level. In most cars, the oil dipstick will have a red, orange, or yellow cap. Its shape can be circular or rectangular. Dipsticks are typically located towards the passenger side. It is an easy tool and helps you to get an accurate reading of engine oil levels in your car.


Let your car stand on a plane or flat surface.


If you want to get an accurate reading of oil level, make sure your vehicle is standing accurately on a flat or plane surface. Therefore, you are suggested to find a relatively flat surface on which you can park your vehicle and check the engine oil level.


Use paper towels or rags to check the color of the oil


While checking the engine oil level, you can keep a couple of paper towels or some old rags to wipe off the dipstick and check the consistency of the oil. Paper towels usually work best and show you the right texture, color, and consistency of the oil. Also, keep your hands neat and clean.


To conclude


Oil is an essential part of the vehicle. Without engine oil, you will not be able to run your vehicle. Thus, checking the engine oil level after a certain period is as important as car insurance renewal. The above-mentioned tips will help you to check the engine level of your car and prevent your engine from future damage.