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Mumbai’s Property Registration Process & Costs

Mumbai’s Property Registration Process & Costs

To be legitimately enforceable, a plan, move, gift, and rent should be recorded as a printed form and recorded with the choice office. The norms for property determination in Mumbai are spread out in the Maharashtra Selection Rules, 1961. Mumbai's property selection methodology is constrained by the Piece of Enlistment and Stamps. The Investigator General of Determination and Regulator of Stamps' (IGR) office offers different associations, including property valuation, close by charge calculation, part of selection expenses, and stamp responsibility limits, among others.

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IGR Maharashtra offers online kinds of help.

IGR, Maharashtra, offers the as of late referred to associations to local people online for their benefit. Visit the power site,, to see property subtleties. To work with speedy associations, IGR Maharashtra likewise conveyed the "SARATHI IGR Helpline" application. It offers sorts of assist such property evaluations, report with looking, notice recording, stamp responsibility associations, and will selection.


How may a property be signed up for Mumbai?

Online enlistment and documentation associations are open through IGR Maharashtra. The need to visit the sub-office enlistment concentration's (SRO) in person is reduced in like manner. The property selection cycle should be done separated in Mumbai, nevertheless, and two observers should be open. After the check, the determination and stamp responsibility charges can be paid on the web. On the power site, a broad outline of sub-working conditions enlistment center's is open.

The essential selling deed for the loft suite, the general populace's NOC, the public authority gave ID card, the Compartment card, and the receipt for the stamp responsibility segment are completely guessed that reports ought to be submitted with the property determination structure.


What to do in Mumbai to select a property

•             Get the property selection structure by going to the sub-office. determination concentration's

•             Remember all huge data for the application structure, for example, the development's Cadastral Study No. (CS No.), the year it was constructed, and the floor where the space is found.

•             After insistence, the application is perceived.

•             A choice number and certificate receipt will be given after the typical piece has been gotten.

The IGR Maharashtra online associations coordinate the capacity to take a gander at the situation with chose properties from any area carefully. IGR Maharashtra offers both free and paid web actually look at choices for its clients. With the utilization of study numbers and report selection numbers, IGR Maharashtra documents, Maharashtra property papers, or past exchanges can be researched through the e-search capacity. Data with respect to properties pursued Mumbai, its commonplace districts, and different regions from 1985 is accessible thanks to these IGR Maharashtra papers.


Mumbai's stamp responsibility and choice charges

The client can sort out how much choice stamp responsibility will cost on the IGR valuation site at

IGR Maharashtra gives both on the web and withdrew choices for paying stamp responsibility. The Maharashtra IGR site's Association Receipt Bookkeeping Framework (GRAS) considers the online piece of stamp responsibility. One can pay both the stamp responsibility and the enlistment costs utilizing data from IGR Maharashtra.