Social Media Marketing Trends In 2020

Social Media Marketing trends in 2020

We exist in a century of digital revolution where people spend a maximum part of their 24 hours (1440 min) on social media. It has become an essential part of people’s life and daily schedule; they are so much inclined towards it that they check their social media feeds just as they wake up.
The importance of social media in consumers’ lives inspires businessman, marketers and advertisers to gaggle on social platforms in order to connect with their targeted customers. The competition is high and it is very difficult to emerge out of the crowd unless you have an effective social media marketing strategy.
Here are some social media marketing trends in 2020 you need to be informed.


Brief Content Gains Popularity

Brief content is flashed for a short span and fly eventually. Instagram and Snapchat stories are perfect examples of brief content. The features of brief content like short and engaging make it so obsessive that people spend hours scrolling through one story to another. Content formats like stories become popular because they catch the attention of viewers in a short span of time and people like short consumer content.
This has been proved by a massive hike in Instagram stories daily active users. Marketers noticed this social media marketing trend in 2020 and start taking advantage of it. More than 64 per cent of marketers have joined Instagram stories in their marketing strategies and plan.

Niche Social Platform

Placing the right social platform according to marketing requirement in order to target the required quality and quantity audience are the key factors for the emerging social media marketing trend in 2020.
Facebook and Instagram are the largest and most popular platforms that lead all other social media but in some past years, several niche social media platforms come up and undoubtedly grown and earn recognition.
TikTok is the best example that started in 2016 and gains huge popularity amongst youngsters. There are many social media platforms like YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, Twitter and many more that are gaining popularity and continues the social media marketing trend in 2020.

Instagram Can Remove Likes

Any changes applied here can change the entire view of social media as Instagram is one of the largest social networks. A major change that Instagram is planning is to remove the like feature for posts.
This change was recently tested in the beta test and can apply it soon globally. The logic given by Instagram is that likes describes the social value of a person and waiting for such proof are creating an adverse effect on people’s mental health.
The actual reason behind it is clear that Instagram wants to earn more. As brands pay huge amount of money to influencers to promote their products, but no money goes to Instagram. If this change happens then brands will not be able to measure the impact of their campaigns which encourages brands to invest in Instagram Ads so as to track ROI. Above all, if it is executed successfully then it’s a turning point in the history of social media marketing trends in 2020.

Social Commerce will Expand

Social commerce is going well and it is on a way to become a dominant retail channel giving competition to other mediums like websites and offline stores.  It has become a new retail channel for brands and gaining its strength which can be developed as the latest social media marketing trends in 2020 by introducing pro-selling features like shoppable posts.

Video content will dominate

Video content is the most engaging form of content and excelling at a very fast pace to acquire the topmost position among all the other types of content on social media. Whatever be the format of videos, may it be short-form on Tik Tok or an elaborated form on YouTube, videos will be the future of social media content. As what you see is what you learn. Visual aids have a far-reaching impact on the brain as compared to other modes of learning. According to the study of CISCO, by 2021 most of the content on social media will be in the form of videos. Relying on video content will very shortly become one of the major ingredients of “success in business” recipe.


The final thoughts undoubtedly say that the year 2020 will be a year of metamorphosis in the field of digital marketing, especially in social media marketing. It will definitely take the businesses to the next level in just no time.