Buy Silver Jewelry To Match Your Summer Look

The colour of silver is in fashion for the summer with many film stars wearing the colour of silver in their jewellery at the 2012 MET Gala early in May.


Silver is great value now and with the price of gold going through the roof there are lots of beautiful summer silver gemstone jewellery designs to choose from.


Pendants are always the favourites to wear in any season as there is a size, colour, and design for all. Sumer is the time for smaller pendants as they move with you and tend to avoid leaving lighter marks on your beautiful tan.


When choosing your Silver Agate Rings, between about one and eight carats is a good size and there are two broad bands of gemstones to initially choose from, opaque and translucent.


The difference between the two is light will pass through a translucent gemstone [these are the stones that sparkle and catch the light] and not through an opaque [these are the ones that will give you solid blocks of colour.


Both types of gemstone are great for the summer months and are all beautiful in Silver Gemstone Rings. Translucent gemstones will catch the sun and if they are faceted will sparkle when they move. Opaque gemstones make their statement in faceted, cabochon or polished forms by providing solid deep colours.


Here are a few great colour ideas for translucent gemstones. For warm deep colours go for the beautiful sun colours of Citrine, Lemon quartz, Champagne quartz and the moody Smoky quartz. For the cooler colours try the beautiful greens of Emeralds, blues of Sapphires, Ruby reds and the beautiful shades of Amethyst. Or push the boat out and go for multi gemstone pieces that have different gemstones and colours.

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Some ideas to try in opaque gemstones are the lovely deep blues of Lapis Lazuli, the Mediterranean Sea colours of Turquoise, the beautiful colours and patterns of Agate and deep greens of Crysophase.


Solitaire pieces are great but maybe try some pieces that have accent stones of Diamonds or white topaz as these really catch the light and are only slightly more in price.


Buy Gemstones Pendants Online as they are great to wear and are ideal because of their cost it doesn't matter so much if you mislay them. Look for a ring that is between about a half and three carats as these are small enough not to affect your tan very much.