All About The New Volkswagen Virtus

All About The New Volkswagen Virtus

Volkswagen is no exception to the general reputation of German automakers for high quality and dependability. The Volkswagen Virtus is one of the most dependable VW models. It is a fantastic all-around vehicle for drivers seeking long-term comfort, convenience, and durability. Volkswagen does produce vehicles with luxury interiors. This is especially true for several of their higher trim level vehicles. The "Volkswagen We" brand promise ensures the finest user experience. Based on this, the business is adapting its brand promise for the new era. Volkswagen offers individual mobility for millions of consumers globally, especially in the electric and digital age—mobility that is affordable, sustainable, dependable, and exciting.

Each vehicle comes with a complete package, including convenience, strong performance, and a wealth of sophisticated technology. Add an inexpensive price, and you'll undoubtedly obtain a car that will satisfy all of your driving requirements, including a Reliable engine and Favorable service costs. Volkswagen is a German word, a combination of Volk and Wagen, which together mean "people's car."

People adore Volkswagen’s sturdy construction and German engineering. Longtime enthusiasts often stick with Volkswagen vehicles because they keep up with their maintenance schedule. They feel stable on the road, have one of the greatest interiors available for mass-produced cars, and are about as reliable as they get. If you wish to experience a smooth and hassle-free test drive experience of Volkswagen Virtus or any of your preferred Volkswagen cars then we suggest you take a test drive at PPS Volkswagen Car Showrooms in Bangalore. They have professional staff who have good product knowledge and offer you a delightful and distinguished automotive experience.

Volkswagen Virtus Design

There are two trim levels for the Virtus: Dynamic line and Performance line. The latter features black alloy wheels, mirror caps, and a black roof that contrasts with the body colour. You can choose from six different colour schemes for the new Virtus' style, and it looks stunning in all of them, but especially stunning in the GT variant's crazy Cherry Red colour. These vivid colours are sure to draw attention to the sedan. As with other Volkswagens, the basic style holds up over time, but the Virtus' charm enhances its vibrant colours.

A set of stylish wraparound LED projector headlights with an L-shaped DRL signature are mounted on the front of the Virtus. Along with just the appropriate amount of chrome on the bumper and grille. The Virtus has a modern appearance that highlights the wide glass area of the side windows as you move to the side. It adopts a forward posture to increase its agility. Moreover, despite maintaining a traditional three-box shape, the Virtus has a really cool fastback-like attitude thanks to its sloping roofline.

With the exception of the silver lining on the bumper, the Virtus' rear is uncomplicated. Smoked taillights with elegant LED elements take center stage there. The sporty look of the vehicle is enhanced by subtle details like a simple lip spoiler. The Virtus' overall appearance emanates dynamism and makes it stand out from the competition among mid-size sedans.

Volkswagen Virtus Interior

If you anticipate a luxurious, snug, well-built, and comfy interior from a sedan, the Virtus will not disappoint. The dashboard, seats, and gloss black accents on the centre console all have a beige and black interior theme that is immediately apparent as you step inside. While the brushed aluminum elements are replaced with red inserts in the GT Line, the seats have black fabric with contrast red stitching. Similar to the Taigun's cabin, it has an 8-inch digital cockpit and ambient lighting. The system is clear and easy to read, delivers a wealth of information, and can be tailored to your preferences.

Additionally, a wireless 10-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available for infotainment, eliminating the need for cords. This device is sharp and snappy, and Volkswagen paired it with an eight-speaker surround sound music system to keep you entertained. For those lengthy rides, the Virtus also includes a wireless charging station to keep your smartphone completely charged.

Along with a sunroof, the front leather seats are ventilated, and there is also a cooled glovebox. Cruise control, a reversing camera with parking sensors, and Volkswagen's Connect 2.0 system are additional amenities. With this system, you can track the Virtus in real time, examine its service history, and even see an overview of your fuel costs.

The space available will impress you the most as you move to the back. This backseat can fit two people very comfortably and has good headroom and knee room by class standards. The Virtus has the largest wheelbase in its class and the best rear seat legroom, both of which measure 2,651mm. In addition to having features that are unparalleled in their class, this sedan has the largest boot in its class (521 litres, to be exact).


MQB-A0-IN Platform

The Virtus, is a component of the Volkswagen Group's India 2.0 strategy. It is the fourth vehicle to be built on the heavily regionalized and Indianized MQB-A0-IN platform. Other VW and Skoda models such the Taigun, Skoda Kushaq, and Skoda Slavia are built on this same platform. We've recently driven the Virtus, and we can attest that it unquestionably sets the benchmark for driving enjoyment in its class. This platform provides the best of both worlds: a comfortable ride for regular driving and assured handling that a true car enthusiast would enjoy.


Volkswagen Virtus Engines

The Volkswagen Virtus is available with either a 1.5- or a 1-liter TSI turbo-petrol engine. The larger 1.5-litre motor has a trick up its sleeve in addition to being bigger. It can produce 148 bhp and 250 Nm, and a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed DSG is available to transfer the power to the front wheels. Additionally, this engine incorporates technology for cylinder deactivation, which turns off two cylinders whenever you are cruising to save fuel. The 1-liter TSI, meanwhile, generates 113 horsepower and 178 Nm of torque. It comes with a six-speed torque converter automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission.

The 1.5-litre obviously appeals to the enthusiast in us. Even though the 1-litre version will be the Virtus that is more reasonable. This, along with the MQB-A0-IN platform's rigidity, combines to make the Virtus a real driver's car. It also provides the ideal split personality, energizing you when you are driving and cossetting you in comfort while being chauffeured. With such a well-rounded package as the Virtus, Volkswagen seems to have covered all the areas.


There are no concerns about the build quality because it is a European vehicle and it makes a louder thud than the Skoda. But with the increased emphasis on safety, VW Virtus has safety features to make sure the vehicle is reliable and secure. It has Six airbags, ABS, ESC, and EBD. Additionally, it boasts a tyre pressure monitoring system, a reverse parking camera, and traction control. It also offers a multi-collision braking system, hill hold aids, and many more features.

Volkswagen Virtus Verdict

There is no doubt that VW got the Virtus right. It has a professional appearance, a well-made and elegant inside, is really comfy and well-equipped, feels securely constructed, and, most importantly, has all the necessary safety features. It even has a sizable and useful boot. Additionally, whether you choose the 1.0 or 1.5 TSI, it rides nicely, drives well, and has plenty of performance. The 1.5 TSI variant is pricey, just like the Slavia, and the Virtus ranges between Rs 11.22 Lakhs* to Rs 17.92 Lakhs* (ex-showroom). Additionally, there isn't a diesel variant available for high milers, and choosing between the VW and the Skoda will be difficult. But even under the current situation, be sure to include it in your shortlist. It can persuade you that SUVs aren't the only option in addition to being a deserving replacement for the classic Vento.


We hope this post could help you gain ample knowledge about The German-engineered Sedan – Volkswagen Virtus. With its eye-catching design and enormous distinctive looks, it speaks for perfection. The powerful TSI engine and best-in-class German engineering enhance the Active Cylinder Cut-off Technology's exciting performance. Get to know more details about the New Volkswagen Virtus by visiting your nearest PPS Volkswagen Showroom. Book a test drive with PPS Volkswagen Showrooms in Bangalore and get a smooth and hassle-free test drive experience.