Proper Car Maintenance May Reduce The Chances Of Failure In The Mot Test

Car drivers in the UK have to submit their more than three years old car for the MOT test. If a car driver clears the test, he will get a certificate that will say that the car is roadworthy. On the other hand, the driver will not get the certificate if his vehicle has several faults.

Therefore, no one wants to face a failure in the MOT Maidstone test.

If you are one of those who worry because of the MOT test, you need to consider the fact that poor maintenance is the main reason for MOT failures. You can surely avoid MOT fails with the help of better car maintenance.

If a driver does not get the MOT certificate, his poor maintenance is the only reason for the failure in the test. The MOT tester will check all the pre-decided parts of your vehicle to be sure about its mechanical condition. He will not allow you to drive your car if it has major, minor or dangerous faults.

You can minimize the chances of mechanical faults in your car with the help of proper maintenance.

The basic steps of car maintenance are not tough to follow. You can easily perform the steps to keep your car healthy and fit for the MOT test as well.

A list of common basic car maintenance steps is waiting for you.

Read and ensure success in the MOT test.

Do not avoid car service schedule:

First of all, you have to read your owner’s manual. In this vital document, you will find relevant information about the car service that you need at regular intervals.

Whenever you visit your garage for car service, the mechanic will replace or repair the faulty parts. He will also tell you about possible risks if you do not improve the condition of your vehicle.

Thus, visit the garage regularly to minimize the chances of major or dangerous mechanical faults.

Check the fluid level of your vehicle:

Check the fluid level of your vehicle regularly. You may check the fluid level without the help of your mechanic if you read the instructions in your user manual. Your car will perform appropriately on roads if fluids like transmission fluids, radiator fluids, air conditioner coolant, brake fluid, motor oil, washer fluid, and power steering fluid are fresh and full.

Check your tyres:

The tester is going to check your tyres at the time of the MOT test. He will mainly check the air pressure, alignment, and tread depth. Therefore, you have to confirm that your tyres have proper air pressure and tread depth when you reach the test centre. Visit the garage to check the wheel alignment as well.

Improve the physical condition of your vehicle:

Wash the exterior of your vehicle with the help of soapy water and clean it well. Visit the garage if your car has dents and scratches. Clean the interior of your part of your car as well. Repair damaged parts and clean dusty areas.

Check the car battery:

It is better you check the car battery regularly since it stops working efficiently over time. Check the terminals of your car battery for corrosion and rusting and clean the accumulated substances.

Repair or replace windscreen wipers:

If you observe worn-out wipers, replace them as soon as possible. Healthy windscreen wipers will help you when weather conditions are not in your favour.

Check the air filter:

Your car breathes with the help of the engine air filter. You will have better fuel economy if you replace the air filter at the correct time. Dust particles accumulate in the filter to block it.

So, these are some common steps to keep your vehicle mechanically fit and fine. If you follow these tips, you may visit the MOT centre will full confidence. It is more likely that your vehicle would show major or dangerous faults if you maintain it regularly.

Generally, minor faults are not responsible for the failure in the MOT test. You will get the certificate but you have to keep an eye on these minor faults at the same time.

There is nothing to worry even if your car has major faults since you have the retest option. You have to leave your car in the test centre for MOT Maidstone after facing the failure in the test. Moreover, you may choose another garage for repair work as well if you think you will get a better quote there