Why Should Lawyers Specialize In Particular Areas?

Why should lawyers specialize in particular areas?

Things mentioned in Article are as follows;

  • Introduction

  • What is Specialization in Law?

  • Importance of specialization in law

  • Classification of specialization

  • Corporate Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Civil Law

  • Cyber Law

  • Advantages of Specialization in law

  • Conclusion


Law is such an extensive subject that it is not possible to master complete law. Career growth in various fields of law is increasing significantly, which opens the door to a number of career opportunities in front of law students and law graduates. But, at the same time, this also opens a number of opportunities in front for lawyers to choose a career option which can cause a lot of confusion. In order to solve this problem time rather than the general practice of law, there are a number of specializations of law, which help the law aspirants understand their interests and help them to follow them. Choosing specialization in the field of law is more beneficial as many successful lawyers choose the specialization in law, gained completed knowledge about them and then practice in that field only. In the present scenario, many legal learning platforms are providing online law certification courses on different specializations.

What is Specialization in Law?

In general, specialization means a particular area of knowledge or the process of becoming an expert in a particular field. Specialization in law means that there are a variety of different subjects of law, and all of them are blooming as career options for law students. There are very different specializations in the law field such as Civil law, Criminal law, Cyber law, Intellectual Property Law, etc. Choosing a specialization is not an easy task to do, as without any experience and knowledge of different fields it becomes hard for young aspiring lawyers to decide which interests them the most. There are many benefits of specialization as it decreases options but it also increases the likelihood of making a successful career in the chosen specialization.  

Importance of specialization in law:

Completing a specialization in a particular niche of law has a great impact on enhancing numerous skills and having in-depth knowledge of that particular field. In today’s competitive era it is necessary for all young aspiring lawyers to have complete and practical knowledge and experience of any field of law, then the candidate has an undeniable advantage as it shows their expertise in that specific area. It is said that specialization does not reduce the opportunities for employment but attracts a number of compatible opportunities. All law firms tend to hire lawyers with niche specialization as they have more capabilities, knowledge and skills than other candidates. There number of platforms organising webinars and Bootcamp for giving career advice and teaching how to choose the right specialization by top legal industry experts.

Classification of specialization:

As discussed above, there are multiple options for specialization which are available to law graduates such as Corporate Law, Civil law, Criminal Law, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, and International Law. Here are mentioned some of them;

Corporate Law:

This specialization concerns working with large, medium and small-sized firms. This area of law deals with business and gives guidance to business owners about their rights, responsibilities, and obligations. The lawyer of this specialization deals with any legal matters a business and organization faces. In the present time, it is one of the most widespread, in-demand and highly paid career options, many freshly graduated lawyers are applying to Corporate firms and making their career in it. The demand for these lawyers never went down as the business market is always dynamic and needs a lot of legal assistance and guidance.

Criminal Law:

The most general and popular specialization in Law is criminal law. A person who is inquisitive in the investigation, solving crimes and finding evidence is very appropriate for this specialization. This is one of the oldest specializations, in Indian legal history. For making a career in criminal law, one must have expertise in litigation as it demands a lot of cross-questioning and also patience as this law usually revolves around criminal offences. This also provides opportunities to be a Public defender, a criminal defence lawyer who is selected by the government.

Civil Law: 

Civil law is a specialization of law which have a lot of scope and unlimited opportunities. This has a number of jobs in both government and private organizations. This field of law deals with conflicts related to the private rights of individuals, divorce, child custody, property ownership, personal or property damages etc. These cases fall under four category named; Family law, Tort law, Contract law, and Property law. Lawyers who have specialization in civil law are employed by the government, non-profitable organizations, private law firms, and many other organizations.

Cyber Law:

With the boost in technology and usage of the internet, the threat of cybercrime has also increased, which is why the requirements for lawyers with a specialization in cyber law are very high at present time. This is a new kind of specialization, for getting a better understanding of it - Law aspirants prefer online legal certification courses based on Cyberlaw and cybersecurity. Cyber law is a field of law that deals with illegal activities or cybercrime that are carried out with the help of the internet and technology. Specialization in this field of law can land a person in big IT companies, Public & Private organizations, Corporate companies, or Police departments.

Advantages of Specialization in law:

As mentioned above there is a number of advantages to choosing specialization courses for law students and graduates. Specialization has a direct impact on the career growth of an individual, for example, a lawyer with a specialization in cyber law has immense knowledge about cyber security and cybercrime, if such person is being hired or given responsibility for cases related to cyber or technology then they can solve the case very fluently and will be able to notice the details which can go missing by a lawyer who does not have a specialization in the cyber field. So, this proves the importance of specialization in the legal field and for a lawyer, after doing specialization one can become a legal advisor or analyst as well, they don’t mandatorily have to possess a certificate of practice to make a career in law. There are several advantages of specialization in law some of them are as follows;

  • Specialization helps a learner in deciding a particular field that interests them the most and there are several of the best online legal certification courses in India based on such specializations for law learners.

  • There are several options available while finding a job opportunity in a particular field of specialization or field somewhat related to it. One can do more than one specialization through short-term courses which can increase the chances of them getting employed.

  • After choosing a specialization, law learners or fresh law graduates can opt for an internship in that particular field, as this will teach them practical knowledge and real-time application of the theory, can increase their interest in the niche field, and help them enhance their skills required in that field.

  • When choosing the field one can go for those specializations which have more increasing demand in the near future. As it will increase the value of their specialization.



Law as a career choice is a noble and thrilling profession, with the globalization in the legal industry the number of career options has increased significantly, and along with the number of opportunities, the value of different specializations has also increased. If a young aspiring lawyer or law graduates wish to be a part of top law firms or become an independent successful lawyer then they should choose a particular field and gain complete knowledge and experience, which can help them a lot while practising law and making further career choices. Many successful lawyers and judges have specialized in more than one field of law, and are successful in all of them. Whatever specialization one chooses they should keep their interest, industry’s demand and a number of career opportunities in their mind.