Proven Ways To Increase Focus And Study Better

If you can agree on anything it's this " 2020 has been so very dramatic and uncertain and emotional for everyone. Especially students" This COVID 19 pandemic has affected us all pretty bad. From going to schools and universities to sitting in front of a PC with internet problems and so many distractions sitting right in the next tab waiting to get our attention. 

And let's face it. It feels better to watch Netflix and Instagram, YouTube videos rather than trying to put our minds into a state of silence and getting our tasks done. 

It can be hard for so many reasons. There could be so many family issues that could constantly bother you. There could be emotional drama because you might have lost someone you loved to the virus. There are breakups everywhere and not being able to see your friends every day like you used to can really take a toll on one's mental and emotional health. Right? 

And with all this going on, we would have deadlines to attend to and exams to prepare for and endless assignments to kill our peace. 

So what are some really useful and proven ways to focus during a pandemic?



So the main problem is in the lifestyle we follow during Quarantine. There is no balance. If you think about it, humans are social beings and without some sort of social interaction or some excitement, we cannot survive properly. 

I would recommend that you start doing something that would break the routine that you are following right now. Maybe start exercising or if you have a sibling, connect with them or play some games with them or watch a movie with someone in your house. 

Take some time off your day to interact with other human beings and also do exercise because lack of physical activity definitely makes you fat which would, in turn, mess up the hormones in your body. This by itself will make it even harder for you to focus and actually finish tasks Finding balance can vary from people to people so I recommend you find your balance so you have a clear headspace to actually focus on things. 



Having goals can be extremely beneficial. You can always have a bigger picture in mind when you make such goals and break them down into pieces. Most often, people have the eyes on the destination and the process of getting there is often not pleasing. And while they start the process the toughness of it all would break many and they either procrastinate or give up on the tasks. 

But having the annual goal or the final goal right in the front would often remind us why we are doing what we are doing and that is often enough to drive us to focus harder and get things done. 

Let's say you wish to study abroad in a specific country in a specific course of your choice. There could be a lot of processes like preparing for IELTS or SAT and then go through the admission counseling processes and a lot more before you finally get to the destination and even if you fail the test, remember when you started. That's enough to drive you. 



This pandemic has given us the right opportunity to actually chase our goals since we have more free time than before. With online classes and work from home internships, we save loads of time and every in transport and so much other stuff. We literally have so much time to actually chase our dreams. 

We have two categories of dreams: practical ones that we always work towards and "Out of reach" dreams that we really want and yet we don't invest much time in them. 

Now it's time to open your eyes again. See the world through your dreams. You can get there. This pandemic is an opportunity to prove to yourself what you are capable of. It's an opportunity to put in an effort and actually try. 




  • Know which time of the day you are being the most productive

  • Let someone monitor you

  • Reward yourself for getting tasks done.




Hope this article helped