Urticaria/hives Treatment In Ayurveda

It is a skin disorder characterized by the presence of wheals on the skin which appear reddish in color due to dilated dermal (second layer of skin) vessels without any epidermal changes being present. It can result due to a lot of factors but ultimately it causes localized dermal edema due to a transient increase in capillary permeability. Sometimes it can also involve submucosal and subcutaneous layers, because of which there is a swelling of lips, face, tongue, and throat seen in some patients and quite rarely, wheezing, headaches as anaphylactic reactions can be seen.


Basically, on the clinical level, it is denoted into two categories i.e., Acute and Chronic.

Acute urticaria has been present for less than 6 weeks.

Chronic Urticaria is present in the patient for more than 6 weeks. Wheals that last for more than 24 hours can indicate urticaria and vasculitis which can be assessed by drawing around wheals and reevaluation after 24 hours.


Common symptoms found in Urticaria

• Evanescent (Transient)

• Wheal / Hives

• Well demarcated

• Round, oval, Annular, Polycyclic, Bizarre

• Surrounded by red hallow flare

• Associated with Severe itching, stinging, and pricking sensation

• Typically last for less than 24 hrs.

• Disappear without any rash


There are few types of urticaria also described such as

Pressure Urticaria: Results from sustained pressure ex. Waistline, tight clothing, pressure on buttocks after long sitting. Usually appears after 4-8 hours and persists up to 24-72 hours. May be associated with Arthralgia & myalgia.

Cholinergic Urticaria: Produce by the action of Ach on mast cells. Occurs as a consequence of sweating induced with rising in body temperature. Ex. Exercise, Hot bath, Emotions, Gustatory stimuli


Characterized by- Punctuated wheals(2-3mm)

- Especially on the trunk and face

- Persists for 30-90 mins

Cold Urticaria: Caused by the cold wind, water, and rain

Understanding of Urticaria/Hives in Ayurveda as Shitapitta and Udarda, these are two conditions which are having similar symptoms like urticaria but due to predominance of dosha having different terminology. Ayurveda Treatment strategies available at Ayur Healthcare, Sydney to pacify the disease are multi-dimensional approaches including oral medicaments and purificatory methods of Ayurveda as well as external applications.

Posology for treatment of Hives-

Snehana (with Panchtikta, Mahatikta ghrita etc.)

• Virechana (Medicinal purgation therapy)

• Medicines- Guduchi, Patola, Nimba, Vasa, kiratikta etc.

• Gugullu preparations- Kaishora gugullu, Panchtikta ghrita gugullu, Navkarshika gugullu etc

• Decoctions- Mahamanjishtha kvatha, Panchnimba kvatha, kandughana kvatha etc.

• Lepana (pasting)- dashang lepa, gandhaka malhara, jatyadi malhara etc

• Oils- jatyadi oil, marichyadi oil, nimba oil, karanja oil etc

By following all the management described above, one should follow the dietary principles of Ayurveda. For that our Expert Ayurveda Practitioners in Sydney are advised to have a different diet schedule after the proper Ayurvedic Consultation, without following a proper diet, it is difficult to treat the root cause of the disease.