Can A Drug Addict Fully Recover Without Going To Rehab?

Getting sober is not easy, and getting a fresh start in your life is even more difficult in many ways. Initially, you will go through withdrawal symptoms as you will have to deal with the cravings for more drugs. Getting back to normal life after wasting years with addiction is like coming out of a cave. This process needs a lot of steps, resolutions, and changes. If you have got sober or are planning your recovery, you need to do things right after drug rehab in India.


Is it possible to cure drug addiction without going to rehab?

Of course, you can. A lot of people come out of it on their own. It doesn’t mean everyone should quit on themselves because quitting is next to impossible. It is an experiential fact. Before getting professional help, people could have also quit drugs themselves by following certain measures.


How can drug addicts control themselves?

First of all, they should be inspired. They need to realize that their job, career, family, and their future – all have been on stake. The point is not just about walking away from addition. There are plenty of strategies to recover on your own. For example, you can avoid carrying cash to make it harder for yourself to buy drugs. Some people decide not to do it themselves and go for treatment.


Socialize with Sober People

You should no longer spend time with friends you used to take drugs with. No matter how much they force you to help you, the fact is that they won’t.  No matter how much your sentiments are forcing you; they are not worth your sobriety, your happiness, and your health in the future.


Find new hobbies

Your life may have been all about getting high when you were a drug addict. It’s time to think ahead. What are you going to do with your time? Addiction has affected your life very much. It’s time to fill your life with something engaging, fun, and constructive. Start volunteering, find a new hobby, learn a new skill that can help you grow your career, or do anything you like to get set on the right way ahead.



You may have not worked out while you were abusing drugs? Now you are clean, but what about your health? It’s the right time to get into a regular routine for exercise and bring the change in energy levels, self-confidence, and sense of well-being. Whether you join a team, go to the gym, or take up cycling or running, you can get in shape and take things to another level. As an added benefit, you can have the company of other people devoted to living healthy lives. 


Start a Good Diet

If you have wasted a lot of years with drugs, you may not have the right diet. What you eat affects your body and your body might be having the signs of malnutrition for a long time. It’s time to avoid junk food, reduce unhealthy fats and sugar, and load up on fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, and fish. Don’t have too much caffeine. Drink a lot of water. You may not have changed overnight. But your tastes will change with time and you will crave only healthy food instead of junk. You will start noticing great changes in energy level, immunity, looks, and overall health.


Bottom Line

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