What To Expect After Undergoing A Lasik Surgery?

Just as it happens with any other surgery, even the Lasik procedure involves some aftercare. You are likely to experience slight side effects. But you can tackle them anyway. Here are the takeaways for the best ways to care for your eyes after Lasik Vision Surgery Arizona, as suggested by experts in Mesa.

The Most Common Side Effects

You can experience more than one of these conditions post vision correction surgery:

  1. Pink or red patches on the white portion of the eyes.
  2. Discomfort and pain.
  3. Halos and glares surrounding lights.
  4. Mild sensitivity.
  5. Problems in night vision, especially while reading or driving.
  6. Hazy and blurry vision.

It would take some time for the indications to go away.

Complete Recovery Time

It might take as long as six months to stabilize your vision satisfactorily. Even the side effects could take that much time to subside. However, in most cases, the side effects would be temporary. In rare cases, they would stick to you permanently. A surgeon practicing in the Lasik Eye Clinic Arizona recommends that you visit within the first 24-48 hours of the operation. He/she would check your eyes and test the overall vision. You will get back home with eye drops if everything is favorable. However, your surgeon might give you eye drops to check infection, if any.

Getting Back To Activities

No matter the type of activity you involve yourself with, the time of getting back to 'normalcy' would vary. If you are into non-contact sports, or some sort of strenuous sports like football, boxing, or Karate, then you will need to wait for at least three months after surgery from a good Lasik Eye Surgery Mesa. Also, refrain from swimming or using a hot tub or sauna for about a fortnight post-surgery.

Enduring the Pain

Surgery for vision correction is by and largely painless. However, it is common to have a scratchy or burning feeling. You can also expect a change in the vision. You can also be susceptible to infections during this period. To prevent infection, you would need to stay at home for about two weeks, or until your doctor recommends. Also, remember to put a shield on the eyes while sleeping. It is sensible that you refrain from using any type of cream, lotion, or makeup around the eyes. Additionally, continue scrubbing the eyelashes gently for some weeks.

Remember the following

An ophthalmologist from Lasik eye surgery in Mesa shares the following:

  1. If your eyes need further enhancement or vision correction, you should wait for at least two visits consecutively. Your surgeon might also ask you to wait for about three months before re-operation.
  2. Even after a second-time surgery, there can be visual symptoms, such as halos and glare.

You do need to have your laser surgery under expert supervision. That is why you have to have the assistance of expert care like Arizona Lasik. It all takes a visit to the website to have all your queries and apprehensions regarding your surgery.