Is Ziwi Peak Dog Food The Right Choice

Is Ziwi Peak Dog Food the Right Choice

Dog and cat owners care a lot about their companions. Sometimes they go beyond to cater their needs and pamper them with all sorts of treats, toys, bedding, and the best food. Once you have a pet at home, you want to nurture it and show it how much you care and love it. In return, they will do the same, because they love you unconditionally. Many brands state that their products are the best and contain only natura ingredients, but it is not always the case. However, Ziwi Peak dog food is different.

It is hard for pet owners to determine which food brands are the best, and which are actually looking after their pet’s interest. It can be frustrating to see the label and the ad, and afterwards read the ingredient list to notice that something doesn’t add up. It is essential to know the ingredients in the foods you provide to your companion. Ziwi Peak cat food is transparent and give plenty information to all pet parents.

Why Ziwi Peak Dog Food Stands out

When you find foods that are loaded with preservatives and artificial coloring and flavors, then you need to stay away from them. Luckily, Ziwi Peak dog food  has found a way to do it, because it uses the air-drying technique. The procedure is not new, because it has been around for centuries, but the brand managed to bring it back to life and give it a twist. There are two stages involved, and they all take place at a slow pace. This eliminates bacteria growth, while the meat remains raw.

The innovative approach allows your pets to benefit from a raw diet without the common risks involved. The food stays fresh in the packages for up to 21 months. When you read the labels, you will see that 95% of the list contains meat, bones, organs, and seafood. These ingredients are great for your cat or dog, because they obtain the necessary proteins. The rest of 5% is not hidden, on the contrary. They refer to vitamins and minerals, to keep your pet active and healthy.

Ziwi Peak dog food is highly nutritious, and you will find key factors such as lecithin, inulin, and parsley. There are no fillers wither, especially soy or grains. These can cause allergies and are known for them, so the brand refuses to introduce them in the formulas.

The Benefits for Your Pet

Pet parents that care a lot about their companions and want the best for them will go the extra mile to make sure they succeed. They will be happy to hear that Ziwi Peak cat food  is in the same category. The brand cares a lot about what they put in every bag, they avoid ingredients that cause allergies and health issues, and they don’t want to take risks. They want to offer pet owners an alternative, and a raw diet that has proven to be highly beneficial.

When your furry companion eats right and gets the necessary nutrients, you will see the difference in their coat, how their skin looks, eyes, how active and happy they are, and how much they enjoy every meal. Most health issues are caused by what they eat, and if you want to avoid complications and visits to the vet, then you need to look after their diet and purchase the right products.

The Source of Meat

Those who want to know more about Ziwi Peak dog food should also find out about how they source the meat. New Zealand is known to be one of the biggest sources of livestock and having high farming standards. Therefore, the brand sources all meat from this country. The farms have grass-fed and free-range animals, so they have the best meat, with the best nutritional value.

Not many companies are able to say the same thing, and if you think about it, not all pet owners know where the meat comes from. When they read the packages, they see that meat is present, but how is it sourced? What type of meat is inside? How is it treated? In some cases, you don’t even know where the meat you consume comes from.

Serving Sizes

Some pet parents might see the Ziwi Peak and think that some packages are too small and they need plenty to feed their companion. However, since the ingredients are of high-quality, and the nutritional value is so high, you don’t have to offer too much food.

The most important aspect is not how much you feed your dog or cat, but the nutritional value in the food, and what nutrients they get from it. This is the key to a happy and healthy life. Along with other supplies, toys, treats, and time spent with you, it is the best combination. If your pet is content and satisfied, then you feel the same. Ziwi Peak dog food contributes to this.

Ziwi Peak Cat Food Varieties

The best part is that the brand offers cat and dog food varieties. So, if you happen to have both at home, then you can get the needed products from the same company. There are different flavors available, in case of moist and air-dried Ziwi Peak cat food, so you can surprise your companion with something new every time. 

Cats and dogs want to eat delicious meals as well, and in some cases, they might seem picky, but they have preferences, and expect to be treated right. Ziwi Peak cat food is air-dried as well, high in protein and calories, so your feline gets the most nutrients from every bite. Some of the popular flavors that you will find in pet shops include beef, lamb, mackerel, and venison.

Cats are carnivores, and they need their meat. This means that when you see plenty of fillers in their foods, they cause a lot of harm, and they are unable to replace what their bodies require. This is an extra reason why you should consider switching to Ziwi Peak cat food, because it contains meat, organ, and bone in proportion of 98%.