Why Kotlin Is Highly Trending In The Android Mobile App Development Industry 2021?

With individuals wanting local involvement in mobile applications, Android app development with Kotlin is in hot interest in 2020. Indeed, iOS apps are additionally similarly significant, as it is the second most famous mobile stage around the world. However, observe that Kotlin app development is the main impetus behind more than 66% of the cell phones being used worldwide. 

This has been as of now a couple of years, since Kotlin developed as the most suitable option in contrast to Java, for software engineers to assemble Android apps.

From Google search to the commotion in the tech network, wherever Kotlin app development appears to increase a ton of consideration. It has become a mainstream language just inside a couple of long periods of its presentation. 

For them, we will clarify a portion of the key focal points that Kotlin offers for Android developers. However, not everything about Kotlin is incredible, and there are hardly any downsides of the language too.

In particular, these are a few preferences that Kotlin offers. 

  • Kotlin offers extraordinary interoperability with Java. This permits developers to change to Java from Kotlin or the other way around amazingly simpler. Kotlin offers extraordinary consistency with Java and all Java-based structures and instruments utilized by Android developers.
  • As attempted and tried language, Kotlin app development offers consistency. It gives unrivaled dependability among languages that have been dispatched in the ongoing years. 
  • Kotlin offers an extremely instinctive and clean linguistic structure. It at last outcomes in less coding blunders and more proficient programming yield concerning developers. Mobile developers can finish more undertakings in less time by utilizing Kotlin.
  • Google and JetBrains both help Kotlin. This implies that developers picking Kotlin are following in some admirable people's footsteps.

We should talk about these in addition to the purposes of Kotlin in detail now.

Open Source Language 

Kotlin is a free and completely open-source programming language. It permits changing over your Java code to Kotlin with simply a solitary tap. With a huge after of Android developers, Kotlin app development is continually being improved by software engineer contributions across projects. 

Simple Setup 

Through inbuilt development uphold in Android studio 3.0, Kotlin lets straightforward arrangement. All that developers require is to pick the "Incorporate Kotlin Support" box when beginning another Android development project in the Android studio. This is the most effortless approach to set up Kotlin for new Android app projects.

Smooth Switching from Java 

Kotlin code offers 100% interoperability with Java code. Also, Kotlin mobile developers who have involvement with Java programming can utilize Kotlin and Java code next to each other in their app projects. This doesn't sabotage the app execution and yield.

Less Coding 

Probably the best favorable position of Kotlin is that it permits composing less source code lines. Kotlin eliminates the standard codes that are normal in Java. The standard code that developers need to rehash and once more, with no critical improvement, takes a ton of developer time and sabotages profitability.

Kotlin app development company accompanies a byte code structure, that helps quicker running of the apps made with this language. Additionally, through the inline elements of Kotlin, the movement of execution for lambda works further gets a lift. Kotlin even encourages the quicker running of a similar code before written in Java language. 


It is very obvious from our conversation that Kotlin has altered the mobile development scene over the world. Kotlin enormously helps in building vigorous and highlight rich Kotlin Android apps overall specialties. In like manner, Kotlin epitomizes the fate of Kotlin app development company like AppSquadz in a bigger number of ways than one. Thusly, the main Android development firms are using Kotlin for their cutting-edge projects.