Putting The Right Price On Priceless Efforts: Mandi Price By Digitrac

Ever wondered what the life of a farmer is like? As a country where agriculture is still very much a primary occupation, especially in areas with a much lesser urban population, what is it like to lead the life of a farmer? Well, in the modern days of farming, it goes without saying that making a long-term, large-scale investment into the proper equipment a farmer would need to fulfil their farming needs is a must. Apart from that, having the required knowledge of how to best use these latest technology and gear to optimise productivity not only in the short-term (like one season) but in the long-term (like 10-20 years) without having to spend much, or ideally any, extra money in unnecessary repairs and services of such equipment. But then the question becomes, how many resources can an average farmer be expected to go through in order to first get the right equipment and then get the correct know-how on how to optimise that equipment to best suit their needs?

The answer to that question is a very simple one. Why not do both at one? Meaning, why not get access to the proper information on the tractors, implements and accessories you are already using right from the same source which offers you brand new model tractors? Well, is there such a source? Of course, and you can get it all done with just a few clicks only with Digitrac. Digitrac is an online-only platform which offers farmers a great tractor range along with the most accurate and accessible information you could possibly need for the same. How it works is that if you need any information related to what crops you should grow, how much to grow, what manure and pesticides to use, and even the weather forecast in your area, Digitrac can make it all happen with just a few clicks!

All you have to do is download the Digitrac app and go to their “AgriCare” section. Here you will find the most accurate, real-time information all the things mentioned above with additional benefits of services and features like Farm Tagging, Expert Advice and Mandi Price, all of which are totally free to access and make use of by just downloading the Digitrac app on your preferred smart devices. And here is the feature we wish to talk about specifically in this blog...Mandi Price.

Now what the Mandi Price feature exactly does is that it tells each farmer what the best mandi prices for their crops they are growing is. This is not only limited to the season or the location where they are growing crops either. If a farm is registered in the Digitrac database via “farm Tagging” and the general area of sales is known, farmers are always made aware of the best mandi prices for their crops as and when they go for sale post-harvest.

So, if you are a farmer wondering where you can get a reliable source to give you the correct information about mandi prices for the crops you are selling at an area nearest to your farm, just download the Digitrac app and become a registered user. Then tag your farm with “Farm Tagging”, and that’s pretty much it, you’re done! Now you have access to all the features the app has to offer, including the possibility of exploring the features of the 60 HP tractor that Digitrac has to offer in its tractor range.

So coming back to the question we started with, is it possible to get great equipment along with some great information on how to optimise the use of all that equipment specifically to suit your farming needs? Absolutely! With the Digitrac app, you have access to all the information a farmer could need to best utilise their time, investment and top-notch equipment. Again, all of this is tailor-made to suit your farming needs as soon as you become a registered user with the Digitrac app.