The Hard Truth About Spiritual Ascension And How To Know If It's Happening To You

The Hard Truth About Spiritual Ascension and How to Know if It's Happening to You

The process requires individuals to shed density or lower vibrational frequencies associated with things that no longer serve them. Many people who undergo spiritual ascension lose interest in material possessions, parties, social status and even leave long-term relationships that no longer uplift or inspire them. All in all, when a person starts to ascend or expand their consciousness, they realize, life is not at all what it once seemed to be.

Although spiritual ascension can be a difficult journey, the rewards of enduring the process are enormous. As you traverse the healing path required for you to shed the density that has kept you asleep for most of your life, you start to remember who you are as both the healer and the creator of your life experience. And, if you can withstand the chaos that comes along with healing, you will be rewarded tenfold as the expansion of your consciousness allows you to become an expert at manifesting what you desire.

Here are three signs you are ascending

1. Exhaustion

Ascension doesn't happen in the linear mind; it's a biochemical process where our spiritual bodies integrate into our physical bodies. This upgrade can be very demanding on the physical structure, which means that it is essential that when you do feel tired, you take time to rest and recover from the process.

2. Difficulty focusing or concentrating

While the physical body endures change, so too do the mental and emotional bodies. When the expansion of our higher consciousness begins, it can be very confusing and lead to a lack of focus and concentration on lower-dimensional tasks like work or school. You'll want to stay present and with your breath during times of confusion. The most important thing is to stay centered and emotionally stable during the process.

3. A deep sense of grief and a simultaneous sense of incredible love

As we ascend, we lose parts of self that are no longer appropriate for our full expansion. These parts are considered lower identities or outdated roles we once played.  The process of shedding lower identities can induce grief, but at the same time, our hearts begin to expand as we reach new levels of awareness we've never experienced before. Ultimately we realize that everything is connected and that all is one- this helps our heart center grow at light speed.

If you're experiencing any of the above, stay steadfast on your healing journey. Each time you let go of a piece of your past, you free yourself and transcend lower levels of awareness that keep you stuck in a dense reality that no longer serves you. The transcendence helps you ascend into higher levels of awareness where you begin to remember your connection to all that is. Most importantly, however, is to remember that you are loved.