Join The New Earth Warriors Of Consciousness: We Need You!

Our role is to embody higher vibrational frequencies. When we embody higher vibrational frequencies we build our light body. Our light bodies are what elevate us into the next level of consciousness and into higher dimensions like 5D where abundance, peace, love, and joy are the order of each day.


When we hold higher frequencies collectively, the light that emanates from us illuminates the new earth that so many have talked about for years before us. Among the many foreseers of this time are Echart Tolle and Dolores Cannon, both of whom knew that humanity would undergo a significant shift in consciousness that would change the way we live. This process is formally known as "Ascension."


Our ascension marks a magnificent and miraculous time in human history. If we embrace it by acting like warriors of higher consciousness, each one of us will powerfully influence how the world is shaped going forward!


One of the easiest ways to embrace your warrior status is to understand where you are in your personal spiritual evolution. Then you must participate based on the evolutionary stage you are in and  or become a warrior in action. 


Following are the four stages of spiritual ascension and spiritual evolution ideas on how you can be a warrior for the new earth in action!

1. The Emergence of the Soul


This is when you begin to move from your mind into your heart and start to sense that not everything is as it seems. You might find yourself dropping into depressed states and wonder why you're here. You might begin to question your life purpose, and the idea of material living starts to fade rapidly.


The best thing that you can do now is to become increasingly self-aware or vibrationally aware of your energy and consciousness and how each and everything you do affects how our global reality plays out.


It's essential to learn self-regulation at this time and master the art of response rather than reacting to unpleasant experiences that show up as part of your reality.


Ask for spiritual assistance via mediation, prayer, or other means of healing low vibrational thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Even though you might not feel like you're helping humanity and shaping a new earth by caring for yourself - you 100% ARE.


2. Awakening to Divine Will


Divine will is pulling us up from the low vibrations of the 3rd dimension, where polarity, duality, and suffering are the order of our lives. If we are to ascend quickly, we must develop our higher sensory perception and allow divine will to come into our awareness. The best way to work with divine will is to quiet the ego. Loosen its grip by understanding more about its process, presence, and power. Click here to watch a video that explains more about the ego.


3. Integration


As you awaken to your soul and are intensely self-aware of your energetic vibration while simultaneously available for divine will to speak through you - you'll be ready to work closely with the four bodies: the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. The goal at this stage is to make sure each of the four bodies is working toward the same mission, which is to heal and embody higher frequencies. This is a profound part of the evolutionary process that takes time to master. If you need help with this, please book your session here.


4. Leadership


At this point in your evolution, you're prepared to lead. You're quickly becoming a master over the lower ego-mind and rising into the light force you naturally are. You will be "led to lead" as you realize more about the law of one and the concept of oneness. This is a rare stage of spiritual evolution and involves the dissolution of the ego. The awareness in the fourth stage of spiritual evolution indicates the path to true enlightenment, which leads to the gift of supreme grace.