How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take In California?


Common questions include "How long will my personal injury case take?" and "Is it going to take me longer if I hire an attorney?". Unfortunately, these questions are not easily answered. Many factors can affect the length of a personal injuries case.

The timeline for your claim is dependent on many factors. Some are under your control, others are out of your control. That being said, our team can still give you some general perspective on the typical timeline for a personal injury lawsuit.

The Average Time It Takes to Resolve a Personal Injured Case

  • Settlement negotiations: Settlement negotiations may continue throughout the personal injury claim process. These negotiations will continue until you have settled your case. In some cases, settlement negotiations may begin before a lawsuit is filed. A lawsuit is required in other cases to force the insurance company into taking your claim seriously.


  • Filing a lawsuit defendant will usually be served with the lawsuit within 30-60 days. They will then have 30-45 days to respond. The average time it takes to receive a response from an insurer is three months. Next, the pre-trial discovery process starts. This can take a while.


  • Alternative dispute resolution: Many personal injury cases will settle through mediation to avoid the need for trial. Mediation will usually take between 9 and 18 months to complete after an accident. The mediation process will take only one to two days.


  • The trial: If you do have a claim that goes to trial, it will almost always take place more than one year after the crash. Some cases may take longer than one year. The trial will typically last between a few days and a few weeks. A trial is not a common outcome.

This means that settlements may be possible in some cases very quickly after an accident. Even in the fastest cases, settlements can take several months if there are serious injuries. Your case can take up to a year, or even four months. Some cases can take up to two years.

We calibrate our services to meet your needs

Although we can move a case quickly, there are instances when the insurance company will not be fair to the injured person, especially if they have a trial date and a jury. It's possible to resolve the matter in the next few days, but it is up to the California jury. However, I find that our cases move much faster for our clients because we choose carefully which cases we accept. We push them hard because we understand that clients are desperate for money and want to find a solution.

We always consider the unique circumstances of our clients when deciding the best legal strategy. Sometimes we push the insurance company aggressively to obtain a faster resolution for our clients. We also know that it is important to be patient in most cases and let the claim progress through the legal system.

You Can Get Answers Today

It isn't always satisfying but it does show that there is no definitive answer to how long a case will take. It is not the same for every case. You can still get answers to your claim today, which is the good news. Call me or one of our lawyers to find out how long it will take to resolve your case. We can often tell you from the beginning.