The 3 Greatest Painters And The Works That Made Them Famous!

The 3 Greatest Painters And The Works That Made Them Famous!

The drawing classes in Sydney are your foundation to a future in the world of art

Art and painting were revolutions in themselves. They changed the world and brought in modern thinking and values that have gone a long way in influencing various ages. 

If you are interested in making a career in art, there may be a few things to consider before you delve deep into this new space. 

One would be joining the Charming Colours Art School - an art classes in Sydney that combine learning with fun and aims to give children a holistic exposure to art and craft. The second would be upgrading your knowledge about the world of art and how different painters have throughout history created their mark. 

Here are some noteworthy names in the field of art and sculpture, some of whom you may have heard about. Check out their contributions to the world of design. 

Leonardo da Vinci

The great painter and pioneer of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci was many great things in one. Known for his works such as The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, this painter left many people astonished at what he had to offer. 

What set this great painter apart from others was that he had the ability to create images that were almost similar to reality. Imitating the natural look on faces he drew, the paintings bore a stark resemblance to real persons and almost seemed like photographs owing to the detail they exhibited. 


An Italian sculptor, painter and architect, Michelangelo is known for his influence on Western art. His masterpiece work done in the Sistine Chapel in Rome is a reflection of how accurately he was able to portray realistic images and even those conjured from imagination. 

If you are to visit the Sistine Chapel you will see the brilliant depiction of Michelangelo’s work. 

Vincent Van Gogh 

A Dutch post-impressionist painter who gave the world many works of art that are acclaimed even today, Vincent Van Gogh was a notable name in his time. 

What set Vincent Van Gogh apart from other painters was the techniques he used which were brisk applications, vivid paints, and skilled movements. 

Can you make a future in art? 

You can be the next big name in the world of art. The Charming Colours Art School has art classes in Sydney that will get the artist in you thinking up creative ideas once again and coming up with fascinating designs. 

During the drawing classes in Sydney you will learn from mentors who have made their journey in the field themselves and who understand the techniques and tools required to be a good artist. 

Through courses crafted to perfection, you will understand the basics of art and drawing and how to fine-tune your skills so as to create masterpieces. 

How do the drawing classes in Sydney help you?

The benefit of attending art classes is that your mind gets a breather from the tensions of every day. School can get tough for kids and it is important for their stress to have a outlet. Art can have a calming effect on the mind and channel creative juices. 

The lockdown is a stress for everyone irrespective of the age. Thus, it is essential to not let the enthusiasm about life to die down and let fatigue take over. No matter the age, art is a great way to let your emotions out in healthy ways and this is a firm belief at the Charming Colours Art School. 

How can you register for the art classes in Sydney? 

You can simply visit the Charming Colours Art School website and book your slot in the course that suits your age group. You can even browse through paint materials and buy a kit for yourself. 

The Charming Colours Art School is an NSW Creative Kids Provider and you can get fun discounts on your courses here! 

Are you ready to get set with this entertaining escape of creativity? Let the ride begin! Your step into the art world starts here.