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7 Secrets To Enhance Sales For Your Successful Ecommerce Website In Dubai

E-commerce has taken off in a big way with the pandemic looming large today. People want to do all the buying from the comfort of their homes, from regular everyday items to luxury purchases. The idea of creating a website is to reach your online store to many more customers than you can get in a brick-and-mortar facility. 

However, if you want to own an eCommerce website and you are a resident of Dubai, the first thing you should do is get in touch with the most reputed web design services in Dubai to help you set up the eCommerce website. The next thing is to see that your website is designed effectively. Ensuring that these design aspects are implemented on your website would turn random visitors to the site into long-time loyal customers. 

It is not easy to design an effective website consisting of many parts, each of which has to be thoughtfully made up, to represent an effective whole. Whether it is the UI/UX, product pages or the navigation tools, they have to be simple but attractive. Given below are a few hot tips that would help you get the right mix for the best eCommerce website.

#1: Highlighting your Brand

What is the kind of website that you would like to buy your favourite brand from? Should it be simple and effective or gaudy and cluttered? Any visitor would look forward to receiving straightforward information about the products listed on the site. Your brand’s personality should make itself felt the moment the visitor lands on the website page. This should also last through all the other pages. 

Each page should depict your brand and precise messaging about the products sold is a must. Anyone landing on your website should know what to do and how to navigate to the page they want. All these contribute to your brand’s personality.

#2: Choosing the colours properly

It is a well-known fact that colours affect the emotions of people. Therefore, ensure that the eCommerce website development Dubai team pick the colours that relate to the mood of the audience. Colours can connect to specific emotions of the audience that is looking at the pages of your website. This will also translate to the same feelings towards your product/brand. 

As an example, a website for sanitary ware may include a lot of white space and minimalist designs with splashes of scarlet for incorporating a luxury look. Adding other colours to the pages may not appeal to the audience. 

#3: Keeping it Simple

Simple and uncluttered websites are always more appealing. This encourages visitors to buy. Visitors also benefit when there are fewer distractions on a page. Therefore, the less you add to a page, the better. 

Ensure there are fewer links to click through to reach what they want to purchase. Any site would do better with fewer advertisements which can be very distracting. The most important point about an uncluttered page is that it offers fewer choices to the buyer. This is always better for both the buyer and the seller. 

#4: Simplifying the menu

As an eCommerce website owner, you would like to offer as many products as possible to your audience. As attractive it may seem, having hundreds of product categories and sub-categories does not make the eCommerce website cut with the audience. 

A landing page for every primary category (when the user clicks on one) with simpler navigation is what you should ask of the eCommerce web development Dubai specialists. The ideal method would be to highlight up to 3 or 4 categories on the main menu. There is a need to break down a category only when the visitor hovers on the preferred one. 

#5: Including product/lifestyle photos

First, make sure you include clear and large product photos on your website. The product photos on all the pages should bind to a cohesive feel for the customer. Large photos add to product detail and this will likely please the customers. In case you are not a skilful photographer, ensure that you hire a professional to click pictures of the products that you want to be included on the website. 

Clear and correct photographs of products help to augment information available about the product and contribute to better sales. Photographs of products from different angles contribute to additional detail about the product. As per research, in a majority of the cases, product returns stemmed from the fact that the product appeared very different from the actual one received. Always remember, the more product details your customers see, the better it is for your turnover.

#6: Making your page easy to scan

Experts in eCommerce website design in the UAE would concur with the fact that the page should be designed in a manner that can be easily scanned with your eyes. The page design should avoid large blocks of text. Emphasis on graphics is a better idea. Photographs should be the ones that lead your customers to the different pages of your website. 

Only small blurbs of text are recommended, even in the ‘About Us’ section. 

#7: Adding Testimonials/Reviews

This is just about the most important part of your eCommerce site. Customers prefer visiting the reviews section because they cannot interact with you one-on-one like in a brick-and-mortar facility.

The addition of testimonials and product-specific reviews to the product pages would greatly help. Nowadays there are eCommerce website themes that allow you can ask eCommerce web design Dubai professionals to add to the end of your product pages. Many of them are customizable and it is a good idea to use them lavishly. 


Wrapping up

Adding share buttons on your product pages and blog posts is a big plus. Your eCommerce website design Dubai partners will be able to advise you on how best to place these buttons where they will function well. You can even get your eCommerce website professionals to place image share buttons so that your customers can share the products they liked and found useful.

All these will attract more customers to your site, keep them loyal and will help you to increase your turnover. Go for it!