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Selling My Houston, Texas Home Through Owner Financing

“We accept owner financing!” How many times have you this that written on a home selling sign? Once? Twice? Thrice maybe? Or so many times that you can’t even count?

We Buy Fast Houston Houses thought we should ask because it seems to be the newest trend in town. Sellers have realized buyer’s are having a hard time securing mortgage, and now they want to give them an alternative.

But do they really know what owner financing really means? And more importantly, do you?

The Enigma That Is Owner Financing

If you’re a seller, we would encourage you to try out owner financing when selling my house fast in Houston, Texas. It will allow you to maintain ownership of the property, and still get a great deal of profit.

But you need to ensure the contract that you have between you and the buyer is foolproof. It has to have a time limit and clearly define the steps to be followed should anything go wrong. Should the buyer default, they’ll automatically relinquish their right to ever own the property.

Non-Negotiable Price

The one thing that we love about the owner financing option is the fact that sellers are guaranteed to get what they asked for. Your asking price is non-negotiable, and that’s why you hold the advantage.

We’re always asked why would a buyer agree to buying a home at an asking price without even negotiating, and the answer is simple: everybody wants to get a taste of homeownership in Houston, Texas.

Regular Cash Flow

The other benefit is the regular income that you’ll be getting every month in addition to your primary income. You’ll basically be a landlord, but one who’s receiving rental payments that are higher than the rental rates in the neighborhood.

Fast Closing

Quick question: do you know how long it takes to close a typical sale in Houston, Texas? You don’t? Well, We Buy Fast Houston Houses will give you a hint. Skipping all those concomitant red tapes of a traditional mortgage is no joke.

But owner financing is a fast that enables you to get a quick close. And that’s also a good thing for any buyer looking to transition from a tenant to a homeowner as fast as possible.

The Buyer Pool

Other than selling my house fast to a cash investor, selling through owner financing is the next best option. And that’s primarily because you’ll be able to access a different market. One with several other potential buyers who couldn’t make the dream work due to bad credit.

Work With A Cash Buyer

You should work with a property investment company like We Buy Fast Houston Houses, if you’re not so sure about selling my home through owner financing. We might not help you at top dollar, but we’ll help you save a lot of money and time in the process.

Are you interested in listening to our offers? Great. Just pick up your phone and start dialing We buy Fast Houston Houses. Or maybe send us a message.