Body Massage: Tapping Technique

Body Massage: Tapping Technique

Let's get into the subject of the tapping technique for body massages. Tapping is one of the easiest messages you can do and give to a person. As the name suggests, just tap your way! It is very effective in eliminating stiffness and promoting blood circulation. Anyone can do the tapping massage due to the low-level learning curve. But there is one important idea that you need to know before continuing.

The key is to hit the body with your fingers. The best-kept secret when writing is rhythm! Are you aware that there are three different forms of tapping? Massage in Al Barsha

Writing with your fingertips

Shape your hands as you would when be clapping. Think karate hands. Then, with your fingertips, touch the respective body parts in a steady rhythm. You will feel like you are stinging someone like that. But this is how it works.

Karate hack

The position of the hand is the same as in the previous blow. But, this time, use the palm side of your hand to tap. Again, you can think of the karate move when fighters like to cut the board. But you should never directly "cut" a bone. At the same time, your wrist should be loose and not tight. You're exerting far more force than you realize. A hair washes at the salon can be the best explanation for you.

Therefore, keep it light and never use force.

You can continuously touch the calf muscle (lower leg), moving up and down, covering the entire calf area. It is a fairly rapid succession of movements. The beat frequency can range from 5 to 10 beats.


Shape your hands as if you want to hit someone. So pretend to bang or bang on a door. This is how you have to perform the punch. Similarly, don't clench your fist too hard. Be careful not to hit too hard! In fact, the way you type is very different from punching. Tap lightly with the sides of your palms several times.

When should you use these 3 techniques? The general rule of thumb is to use your fingertips for bony areas, where minimal pressure is needed. To get more pressure, you can progress to hack or karate punches.

Also, watch out for your kidneys and spine. Instead, pat the bottoms of the feet, buttocks, and thighs. These are some of the best places on the body to operate.

Body Massage: Rubbing Technique

Did you know that rubbing is one of the many massage techniques? If you are a masseur, you also know about rolling, pressing, kneading, rubbing, and more. This article will discuss the rubbing method used in massage. A friction massage is also known as a friction massage.

The question is how to make good friction? You need to take the pressure of your fingers or palms strong enough to stay still on the surface of the skin and move the layers underneath. A hair washes at the salon can be the best explanation for you. You will notice that the hairdressing assistant rubs your head without moving her fingers too much. This is exactly the same movement that occurs during a friction massage.

There are 3 types of friction massages.

Miser's friction

This massage is best suited to the client's fingers and toes.


This is done by planting your hands safely. Then move the skin over the tissues in small circles. You can also do this by doing a longer oval circular motion on long limbs like your hands and legs. Spa in Tecom

Cross fiber

First, you need to understand that muscle fiber are installed in one direction. For example, the bicep muscles run from the shoulder to the elbow, up and down. During the cross-fiber massage, it is rubbed in a transverse direction, against the direction of the muscle fibers. Who can benefit the most from cross fiber massage? People who have just suffered a muscle injury. Massage promotes the healing of scar tissue.