Frequently Asked Questions About Squint Eye Treatment And Squint Eye Specialist In Mumbai

What is Squint eye?

Squint eye which is also known as strabismus is a medical condition of the eye that causes the eyeballs to point in a different direction. In this condition where one eye focuses normally, the other eye seems focused in a different direction. With this condition, the person ends up with bad vision and may in most cases even lead to a condition known as lazy eye if not treated on time by a squint eye specialist in Mumbai.

Who is eligible for Strabismus treatment?                         

An individual who is suffering from a squint eye or cross-eyes condition needs to consult a squint eye specialist in Mumbai immediately for the treatment. Based on diagnosis the squint eye specialist will recommend the appropriate treatment. Right from eye exercise, to glasses to even surgery could be recommended if required for treating squint eyes.

Who is not eligible for squint eye surgery?

Generally, squint surgeons in Mumbai run a complete test on individuals for diagnosis.  Based on various factors he recommends appropriate treatment. However, a person with high blood pressure is generally not recommended or qualified for the treatment. But other than that it is a safe procedure even recommended for little older children if the conditions are severe.

Are there any side effects of squint eye surgery?

Squint eye specialists in Mumbai are very transparent about the procedure and often suggest that squint eye surgery is safe. Except your eyes may itch during your recovery period, which again is normal, there are no possible other side effects to the surgery. However, the individual will have to take a rest for a few days before getting back to their routine work. It is recommended that individuals follow the post-treatment guidelines for a better and quick recovery.

What are the post guidelines for squint eye surgery?

Squint surgeons provide a set of guidelines that patients must follow to ensure a quick recovery. This includes resting your eyes and giving them time to recover for a few days. Individuals may also be recommended to wear glasses for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. This is to mainly avoid dirt and dust from getting into your eyes. Doctors also suggest individuals to not look at sunlight directly and avoid swimming for a few weeks. Individuals will also have to go for regular check-ups to their eye specialist in Mumbai for tracking the recovery.

How long does the recovery from squint eye surgery take?

The recovery period is very minimal. Individuals are asked to go back home the very next day after the surgery. They can even start with most of their routine work within a week. Although the individual might have to wear glasses for protection against dust and dirt or to prevent infections. If the post-treatment guidelines are followed appropriately as per what is recommended by an eye specialist in Mumbai, one can expect a quick recovery.

Is the treatment for squint eye permanent?

In 95% of the cases, the results are permanent. The surgical procedures are highly advanced and with time the treatment is now precise. But in very rare cases, the person might have to go for additional treatment if the conditions were not corrected with just the surgery.  

What are the alternative treatments to squint eye surgery?

Squint eye specialists are the last to suggest surgery for squint eye treatment.  If the conditions are not severe an alternative to squint eye surgery such as opting for glasses or an eye patch to correct the vision might be recommended. However, this treatment is only suggested in mild cases. But if the eye muscle strength is very weak using glasses may not be recommended. Eye exercises are also suggested to strengthen the eye muscle in many cases. However, it is best to consult with squint eye specialists in Mumbai with this regard for the best treatment appropriate for your condition.