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7 Ways To Tell If Your Website Requires To Be Updated

Your website is the face of your business to the outside world. It is where people come to know about you and what you have to offer. A visitor’s decision on whether to engage in business dealings with you depends on his first impression of you. An updated website can be a very attractive factor in getting traffic. But when was the last time you updated your website? Approach a web design agency in Dubai to get your website updated.

But when do you have to update it? Constant updates can be tiresome and costly. At the same time, not updating can cost you more in the long term. Exactly predicting when to update is not very easy. But there are a few indicators that can help you in deciding when to update. Given below are 7 ways to tell if your website requires updating.

Loading time for the website is too long

If your website takes too long to load, customers will get out quickly. People are not patient anymore. Anything that takes longer than 10 to 15 seconds is too long for people nowadays. By the time your site has loaded, your visitors will have gone to another place to complete their task. The reason for a slow loading website can be heavy content like pictures or animations that are too large in size. All of that has to be optimized for a website to load faster.

Your website is not secure

The security of a website is very important. There are a lot of predators on the internet nowadays. It is very difficult to know what is safe and what is not. Check the codes for your website and see if it is safe for use. Customers give a lot of private information to a website such as their name, contact information and bank details. They have to be sure that your site is safe to do so. A secure site can attract a lot of visitors and you can approach a website redesign service in Dubai to make your insecure site secure.

Navigation on the site is not user-friendly

People like it when things are organized and they can navigate and find what they want easily. A confusing site can be very frustrating to users. They will get out of your site faster than you know. Having a user-friendly site is key when designing a website. When navigation becomes easier, people tend to spend more time browsing through your website and getting to know your business. A confusing website is a big indicator that it needs an update. Talk to a website redesign company in Dubai to get help in organizing your website and making navigation easier.

The site is not mobile-friendly

Google algorithm considers a lot of factors to rank websites on the search engine result page. The site is mobile-friendly or not plays a very big part in that. We live in a society where people use their mobile phones for everything. The go-to device for browsing on the internet is almost always a mobile phone. To avoid the risk of customers getting frustrated with your website and for your website to have a better ranking on the search engine, update your website to be mobile-friendly. A responsive web design can really improve your ranking and visibility.

Your site isn’t visually appealing

Fashion trends come and go like trains in a railway station. Nothing lasts forever. Keeping up with it is difficult. The same is the case for website design and layout trends. What are popular changes very quickly and it is very difficult to keep track of it but if you do, it shows customers that your business is still active and relevant to their needs? You don't need to update your website as frequent as the trend changes. But as soon as you feel that your website is looking old or outdated, update it and see the difference. Many companies for website redesign in Dubai can approach to make sure that you don’t lose out on potential customers just because your site isn’t visually pleasing or looks old.

You are using outdated plugins

A plugin is additional software that adds a particular feature to existing software. Your website can have a lot of these plugins. A lot of plugins that were very popular in earlier times, like Adobe Flash, is now outdated and most devices don’t support it.  When a consumer visits your website, he is searching for information. It can annoy the user if he gets a notification to download additional plugins to see the content of the website. Using an outdated plugin can ruin the user experience on your website.

No leads from the website

A website is where you get most of your business leads from. Not getting any new leads is a clear sign that you have to update your website. When a potential customer visits a website, they browse through the website to get familiar with what the business has to offer before entering into a deal. If there are absolutely no new lead generation through your website, it means that there is something about your website that is turning potential customers off. Approach any agency for website development in Dubai to know what those turn-offs are and update them so that you don’t lose out on those potential customers.

The one disadvantage of an online business is the fact that your customers cannot see and experience what they are purchasing before actually purchasing. So, it is your job to make sure that your customers trust you enough to make business deals with you. The first step towards that is ensuring you have a secure and updated website that can attract new leads. It is your responsibility to find the best agency for web design in Dubai to get the best website for your business. Update your website often to meet the customers’ needs and it will do wonders for your business.