How To Choose The Right Hearing Aid After A Hearing Test In Sydney

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Choosing a hearing aid is a complex process. 

There are several factors that you need to bear in mind before you can select the right one. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a team of audiometrists in Sydney that lives up to its name and provides professional and first-class hearing aid services in Sydney and other areas of Australia. These include hearing tests in Penrith and hearing tests in Castle Hill. 

In this article, the different parameters which you should pay attention to before you select a hearing aid will be highlighted. 

Following a hearing test in Fairfield, it is time to select a hearing aid design

Depending upon the lifestyle that you lead, the hearing aid style can be chosen. There are various styles of hearing aid, such as:

Completely in the canal (CIC)

  • These are almost inconspicuous due to their small size

  • The features of these are limited

  • Can be affected by earwax buildup

In the canal (ITC) hearing aid is similar although it is much more visible. You can choose a hearing aid design after your hearing test in Fairfield depending upon if you wish to have it hidden or are okay with it being seen. With more visible hearing aids, come more features. 

In the ear (ITE) hearing aid 

  • This can either take the shape of the entire ear or can fit into the bottom shell of the ear. 

  • Several features are included in this kind of hearing aid.

  • Rechargeable batteries make it a more viable option. 

You can go in for the Behind the ear (BTE) type of hearing aid after your hearing test in Penrith 

  • Many people go in for this kind of hearing aid as it is least susceptible to earwax buildup.

  • A tube extends between the hearing aid to the earpiece that is inside the ear canal. 

  • Has plenty of additional features that are not seen in other kinds of hearing aids. 

Depending upon where in the ear the receiver is, the hearing aids are classified as a receiver in the ear (RITE) or receiver in canal (RIC). 

Will you go in for a receiver in the ear type of hearing aid post a hearing test in Sydney?

The other features you need to seek in your hearing aid 

Once you choose the design of your hearing aid following your hearing test in Windsor, there are certain other features you need to look for too. 

These are:


If you have two hearing aids, it is very important for both the hearing aids to be in sync with each other and the sound to flow seamlessly. 

Connection with assistive listening devices

It is vital that your hearing aids do not only assist you with hearing other people speak in conversations, but also enable you to hear the telephone, the radio, and the tv better. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals brings to you assistive listening devices that you can fit into these gadgets so as to hear the sound better. These devices also enable you to have clear conversations with people in public places. 

Rechargeable batteries 

It is recommended to always go in for hearing aids that have rechargeable batteries. These enable the aids to be used for a long duration of time and won’t necessitate you having to buy new aids once the current ones die out. 

Where can you get your hearing test done? 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals have centres spread out across Australia and we have mobile testing that you can avail of at your comfort and convenience. 

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