Questions About Assistive Listening Devices Answered For You

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When it comes to the subject of hearing it is unknown territory for most of us. It is best in these times to get advice and answers from the experts instead of cooking up our own theories and logic. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a hearing clinic in Sydney that has one aim - to help you lead a sound life. 

What are assistive listening devices? 

When you have a hearing impairment, there is one thing you should focus on - doing everything in your reach to hear better. 

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we have a range of services and products for this purpose. Among these are the assistive listening devices that can augment your hearing and can be connected to your hearing aids or to the devices that are part of your everyday life. 

However, you may have a bunch of questions about these devices and here we will answer these for you. 

Is it necessary to have assistive listening devices? 

When you go through a hearing loss, the sound cannot travel efficiently through your ear canal. Have you noticed that people who have experienced a hearing impairment constantly ask others around them to speak a little louder? 

Well, if this increase in loudness was to be measured, it would be around 15 to 25 db. 

Assistive listening devices fill in the gap. 

They augment the sound volume that reaches the ears and you can hear much clearer. 

Do assistive listening devices improve the quality of life? 

Let us answer this with an example. In normal everyday conversations, it is still possible to ask the other person to repeat or speak louder. 

However, in a public place such as a conference room or a theatre, it may not be possible for the other person to keep repeating what you miss out on. With the new range of assistive listening devices in the market, this problem is solved. 

These devices are installed in these public places and the receiver is present in your hearing aid. The experience is enhanced on the whole. 

What are the basic parts of assistive listening devices? 

Our hearing clinic in Sydney has a range of these devices that you can choose from. Though each device is different in itself and has specific functionality, the basic design and key components of the device remain the same. 

A microphone, a transmission technology, and a receiver are the elements present in these devices. 

What are the types of assistive listening devices? 

Different devices utilize different systems depending upon the area that needs to be covered and the distance between the sound and the listener. 

The different technologies are:

  • FM systems

  • Infrared technology

  • Inductive loop technology

Each of these has its own special features. 

The FM system is distinguished by the following features: 

  • Radio broadcast technology is used. 

  • It provides a flexible listening experience

The infrared system is distinguished by the following features: 

  • Light-based technology is used.

  • Very effective in private settings

The inductive loop system is distinguished by the following features: 

  • Even listeners who do not have a hearing aid can avail of this. 

  • The sound is transmitted through headphones. 

Is Hearing Aids’ Professionals an NDIS provider in Sydney? 

Yes. We are an NDIS provider. People who are born with a disability, sometimes experience hearing loss at a later stage. Under the NDIS plan, we provide assistance to such people. 

As an NDIS provider in Sydney, we ensure that you are getting your hearing services and products free of cost if you are listed under the NDIS plan. 

What are the other services provided by Hearing Aids’ Professionals? 

We offer numerous services. 

These are as follows: 

  • Hearing assessment 

  • Tympanometry testing 

  • Hearing aid discussion

  • Hearing aid fitting

  • Industrial deafness claims

  • Pre-employment tests

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