Everything About Audiometric Testing In Sydney That You Need To Know

Also available, a hearing test for kids!

If you are planning on going in for a hearing test in Sydney, you may have some apprehensions and doubts before you venture into it.

Hearing Aids’ Professionals - a hearing clinic in Sydney, believes you should be well informed before you get a hearing test for kids done.

Here we have broken the process down for you.


How does a Hearing Test for Kids work?

Before taking a hearing test, you need to understand how it works.

  • The sound once hits the outer ear, travels from the external ear through the ear canal and strikes the eardrum, and then moves into the inner ear. The sound is then sent to the brain through the nerve that extends from the ear to the brain and it is perceived.
  • A hearing test for kids determines where the problem lies.
  • The test identifies if the problem is with the eardrum, the nerve, or the canal is being blocked.

Audiometric Testing in Sydney and how it is done

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, an experienced team of audiometrists will perform a series of tests in order to understand how much difficulty you are experiencing.

  • A range of sounds of different decibels and frequencies will be directed to each ear through a pair of headphones.
  • The subject will then respond as to which sound they could hear clearly.
  • This will help determine the level of hearing impairment.
  • Another kids hearing test is the speech discrimination test.
  • The purpose of the test is to ascertain the hearing aid that will be the best fit.
  • Certain words and sentences are played.
  • The subject is expected to distinguish the speech from the background noise.


What can be determined from the results of the kids hearing test?

The results of the test are interpreted by an audiometrist.


They are as follows: 

  • Normal = less than 25 db HL
  • Mild = 25-40 db HL
  • Moderate = 41-65 dB HL
  • Severe = 66-90 db HL
  • Profound = more than 90 db HL


What are the kinds of hearing loss?

On the basis of the results of the kids hearing test and other checkups, the hearing loss is determined.


There are three kinds of hearing loss:

  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss: This kind of hearing loss occurs when the nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain is damaged or infected due to disease, infection or loud sound.
  • Conductive Hearing Loss: This kind of hearing loss occurs when the ear canal is blocked with a buildup of fluid or ear wax or when the eardrum is damaged.
  • Mixed Hearing Loss: This kind of hearing loss occurs when both the above kinds of hearing loss are experienced simultaneously.


What after the kids hearing test?

The next step is to get your child set with the right hearing aid.

Why choose Hearing Aids’ Professionals?

  • We have been the number one choice for numerous people who have had hearing impairments.
  • We do not aim to only provide services and hearing aids but rather follow up and see if these are suiting your needs.
  • We have mobile audiometric testing that we do in Sydney so that everyone can avail of our services.
  • Our hearing aids can be customized to meet your requirements.
  • Our audiometrists are patient, warm, approachable and will answer the many questions you have in mind.
  • Our audiometric testing in Sydney is economical as we believe you need not have to spend a lot on basic care.
  • If your child has a disability and hearing loss is a part of it, they can avail of free services under the NDIS plan.


Do you have any more doubts?

Feel free to approach our audiometrists and ask away.

We will be more than happy to assist you in this journey and make it a whole lot easier.

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