An Overview Of Dividing Assets During A Divorce Or Separation

Divorce itself is painful and having to go through the legal proceedings would take a toll on the emotional health of anyone. It seems that the couples who are going through this process can’t have a mutual agreement on several factors. But the fact is the majority of them just need some advice or a slight push in the right direction to settle on a mutually agreeing settlement. It need not always end up in court. This is where the mediation or free family law advice Dispute Resolution (FDR) comes into the picture.

The importance of Family Dispute Resolution

The divorce mediation takes a turn if there are children to consider. FDR is important in such cases where the couple needs to decide about their child or children and their future. As per Australian family law, the couple must mandatorily attempt and go through the dispute resolution process before proceeding to the court if they have children. All divorce lawyers in Gold Coast or in any part of the country will advise taking this step. It is child support and protection that is the primary objective of FDR.

FDR assists the parents to find a mutually amicable parenting plan or arrangements with regard to what the children want and not what the parents need. What you need to understand when looking for a lawyer on the Gold Coast is that the divorce law in the country does not allow a quick divorce. It is a time-consuming process so you need to find the best lawyer in the Gold Coast for the dispute resolution procedure and other formalities.

Confidentiality of FDR

Any family dispute resolution practitioner can assure that whatever communications happen on the table will stay confidential and will not be considered as evidence in the court. The objective here is to find a resolution. But there are some exceptions here. As per rule, an FDR practitioner is liable to report any abuse or violence against the child. Under these circumstances, information may be used as evidence in the court if it concerns the safety of a child.

Exemption from FDR

Domestic Violence Lawyer Gold Coast is one reason to be exempted from undergoing the FDR process. The FDR practitioner who is monitoring the process in other cases must look for any violent behavior on the client’s part and report it to the court. The court can also make a domestic violence order to protect the aggrieved party even if they have not reported it. Those who have suffered from domestic violence need not have this mandatory FDR step. They can find the best domestic violence lawyer Gold Coast and proceed with the next step in the divorce procedure.

This highlights the crucial responsibility of FDR as it needs better screening of the clients to find out more about their behavior and see if the minors are completely safe under the new circumstances.

The FDR process finalized with the help of a law firm such as Advance Family Law ( is a legal agreement between the spouses and duly signed. Seek the pepper legal assistance to make the tough divorce procedure less tedious and not any harder than that is necessary.