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India's Top 12 Hottest Locations

India's Top 12 Hottest Locations

India is a country of extremes. There are hot deserts in the western part of India, and some of the coldest regions are in the northeast. India offers more varied options than any other nation in the globe. We'll be looking at some of India's best locations in this article.

India's 12 Hottest Locations
You no longer need to wonder where the hottest spot in India is. We've compiled a list of India's top 12 tourist destinations for you. You will definitely feel hot due to the harsh weather.

Sri Ganganagar
This city, which is located in Rajasthan, the largest state in the nation, at an elevation of 178 m, has India's highest temperature. The highest temperature ever measured there was 50 ℃. Both summer and winter in the city might experience extreme weather. Lows throughout the winter here drop to 0 degrees Celsius. A record high temperature is 50°C. Average High: 41 C (May-Jul)

Because of the brave queen Rani Laxmi Bai, the Uttar Pradesh state of Jhansi is sometimes referred to as "The entry to Bundelkhand." Due to its location, which is around 220 km north of the Tropic of Cancer, it frequently endures intense heat. In the sweltering heat, some of the creeks that run through the plateau-area city have a tendency to dry up. Typical High: 46 °C Record high: 48 °C (Apr-Jul)

It is known as the Orange City and is Maharashtra's third largest city. It serves as Maharashtra's second capital despite rising temperatures; the highest temperature ever recorded there was 48 ℃. The city enjoys a steady flow of visitors all year round. The temperature is higher since it feels like it is in the centre of India. 48°C, a record high, and 40°C as the high average (Apr-Jun)

Jharkhand's Daltonganj, sometimes called Medininagar, is a city. The climate is a little humid here because of the moisture in the air. There is some relief from the bad weather thanks to the River Koel, which provides water to the city. The city has experienced a number of heat-related fatalities over the years. Record high: 48°C, average high: 40°C.

The city of Bilaspur is located in the state of Chhattisgarh, not far from the Tropic of Cancer. Because of its location, the sun heats it up enough. The sun rising towards the end of the day makes it difficult for people to leave their houses. Being 220 km below the Tropic of Cancer causes it to get 10% more radiation than the other cities. Record high: 49°C, average high: 45°C (Apr-Jun)

Due to the humid atmosphere, Vijayawada, often known as the Oven of Andhra Pradesh, encounters significant commotion and discomfort. Daytime highs in this city, which is served by the Kaveri River, exceed 45 degrees Celsius. The tropical climate of the town causes unpleasant conditions for the residents. Record high: 49°C, average high: 45°C (May)


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